Friday, September 18, 2015

Class Discussion: Thank You M'am by Langston Hughes

Please ask a deep question about "Thank You M'am" and its themes of forgiveness, tough-love and kindness. Or, if you see a question that you like, answer it. Be sure to write formally, in complete sentences, using words from the question in your answer.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AVID Application 2014

El Camino JHS 7th graders interested in joining AVID, please click on the link below and answer all questions.

Be sure to bring back the form signed by your parents.

AVID: Write a Newspaper Article

Pick a topic that you will write a newspaper article on.

When you have picked your topic and are ready to write, please first review this website:   .

I will write your name next to it so no one else picks it.  Also, think of other events and clubs and information that should be put into our end of the year newspaper.  Add those other ideas for articles to the comments section, please!

Here are some events/clubs/teams/people that you can choose to write about:

  • volleyball - Vanessa
  • basketball - Angel Garcia
  • soccer - Alfredo
  • cheerleading - Erica
  • band - Eduardo


  • AVID - Sandra
  • ASTRA - Ofelia
  • Builder's Club - Yesenia
  • Battle of the Books - Ana
  • ASB officers - Gabriel
  • Drama - Miriam
  • Game Zone - Maria
  • Yearbook/Photography   - Kevin
  • Garden Club - Leo
  • MESA - Yolanda
  • spirit days - Adriana
  • hero day - Demi
  • assemblies - Guadalupe
  • Magic Mountain - Myah
  • field trips - Alexis
  • Jogathon - Craig
  • Thrive - Daniela
  • Graduation Events - 
  • New Chromebooks - Stephanie O.
  • valedictorian - Ivanna
  • teacher of the year - Jackie
  • new teachers at EC - Lidia
  • veteran teachers talk about how El Camino has changed - 
  • hero - Stefania
  • future avid students - 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Imperative Poem Based on "The Laughing Heart"

You are going to write a poem like the poem "The Laughing Heart" that we read for our Socratic Seminar. Hopefully this poem will be something that inspires you to transcend in life, like Bukowski implores us to do in "The Laughing Heart".  Hopefully this will be a poem inspirational enough to put on your wall as a reminder of your dreams! 

Follow these directions:

  1. Get out "Laughing Heart" and read it again.
  2. Notice that many lines are imperative - they start with a verb.
    • There are four sentence types:  declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative.
    • Declarative sentences give commands.
    • In English, we give commands by starting the command with a verb.
  3. On GDocs, write a poem with at least 12 lines, half of which (six) give a command.
    • You can write negative commands that start with "don't" too!
  4. Find pictures that go with the poem.  Add at least three.
  5. Pick a font that goes with the theme of your poem.  
  6. Print when done and put in your AVID binder.